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Spin ON/OFF Intrinsic Holder Set, Hanson Vision Classic 6 compatible


Spin ON/OFF Intrinsic Holder Set for Hanson Vision Classic 6 Baths includes 1 each of the following: IDASHT-HRV6 (15” Upper Spin ON/OFF Shaft with Safety Clip Groove), IDACLIP-HRV6 (Safety Clip) and IDASNH-HRV6 (6.875" Spin ON/OFF Shaft & Holder)

Note: This set has a special size thread for the shaft components. They are not compatible with standard Hanson spin shaft accessories.

Fits Bath Models:

Teledyne Hanson: Vision Classic 6
category: Intrinsic Dissolution
Cert of Compliance: Yes
Material: 316 SS
Serialized: Yes
UOM/Pack Size: SET/1 each