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Dissolution Validation and Reporting Bluetooth System with Vibration Meter

SKU: BT1000-VM

Dissolution Validation and Reporting Bluetooth System includes Digital Centering Gauge, Digital Wobble Meter, 25mm Digital Depth Gauge, 25mm Depth Set Tool, Digital Verticality Meter, Digital Thermometer, Tachometer, Vibration Meter, Wireless Wimmer Trigger, Computer Laptop with preinstalled Software and License (includes Power Supply/Charger 120v 60Hz) and Nanuk Rolling Waterproof Case, Serialized with 1 year calibration. Additional adapters may be required. Can be used with both open and closed head baths.

Note: Cannot be used with Sotax AT7 and AT7 smart.

Supports 21 CFR Part 11 compliance for data integrity.

Fully customizable methods and reports.

Record and store digital calibration data with the touch of a button.

Reduce calibration time by 50% over conventional methods.


Recalibration service available.


Video link:

Fits Bath Models:

Agilent: 705, 708-DS, 709-DS, VK700/710, VK7000/7010, VK7020 7025 7030 V-Series
Agilent/VanKel: 705
Distek: 2100 A/B/C, 2500, 5100, 6100, 6300, 7100
Electrolab: EDT-08Lx, EDT-14Lx, EDT-208Lx, EDT-406Lx, TDT-12T
Erweka: DT126/128 Light, DT141x, DT161x, DT600, DT720, DT820
Logan: UDT-812 Series
Pharmatest: PT-DT70, PTWS 120D, PTWS 120S, PTWS 1210, PTWS 620, PTWS 820, PTWS 820D
Sotax: AT MD, AT Xtend


Cert of Calibration: Yes
Electrolab mod: Electrolab mod
Serialized: Yes
UOM/Pack Size: EACH