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Paddles: APP 2

Compatible with Manufacturer: Distek

QLA offers an electropolished 316 Stainless Steel Paddle, a PTFE coated Paddle and a proprietary one piece solid molded Flouropolymer Paddle for the majority of Dissolution Baths. The flouropolymer paddles provide a seamless construction eliminating corrosion and contamination encountered with conventional three-piece assemblies. All styles comply with USP (711) and Original Equipment Manufacturers dimensional specifications and are precisely manufactured to limit rotational wobble to levels far below USP (711) specifications.    

All QLA paddles are serialized and supplied with a Certificate of Conformance (COC) stating that they are USP compliant and that they meet the Original Machine Manufacturers specifications. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) stating actual dimensions is available at an additional cost.

All QLA Paddles are manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards.

Electropolished SS Paddle Blade, Distek compatible

Paddle Blade for Distek, Electropolished 316 SS, Serialized

PTFE Coated over SS Paddle Blade, Distek compatible

Paddle Blade for Distek, PTFE coated over 316 SS, Serialized

Dissolution Tester Model: