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Cannula Filters

Compatible with Manufacturer: Erweka

QLA filters and filter discs are made of the highest quality UHMW Sintered Polyethylene specifically formulated for Dissolution sampling methods. The sintering process results in a precision media with uniform pore size and distribution. Our filters are available in numerous micron ratings and come in packs of 100 or 1000 pcs. QLA also offers some styles and micron sizes of filters in PVDF material. 

Filter Material:  Polyethylene is chemically inert and provides superior resistance to drug absorption and the emission of plasticizers. QLA Filters have been validated in numerous dissolution methods worldwide and are currently being used in many predominant dissolution laboratories.

Manufacturing:  Our manufacturing process is designed to produce a filter that far exceeds USP requirements. This is accomplished by screening for impurities as well as testing the finished product for pore size and volume. 

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Testing:  Prior to molding the filter, the raw material is tested for Elemental Purity by screening for fifteen Selected Metals through Microwave Digestion (SOP 7040, Rev 12 Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometry). QLA’s exclusive Pure Quality Certification program monitors Chromium, heavy metals, material contaminants and inorganic elemental interference.  After molding, a sample of the manufactured lot is tested to ensure dimensional compliance. QLA also incorporates Permeability Testing into the quality plan to further ensure pore size and pore volume. Combined, elemental purity, dimensional compliance, and permeability consistency create our Pure Quality filters - the purest and highest quality filters available today. 

Tygon Tubing Troubles? Go for a Direct Fit!

Our VK series filters have been designed to fit directly onto the end of Agilent/Vankel compatible manual and automated sampling cannula. No tygon tubing is needed!

All QLA Cannula Filters are manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards.

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