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Preventative Maintenance

pm01QLA now offers Preventative Maintenance (PM) Services.

Preventative Maintenance is routinely performed to ensure that the dissolution system continues to operate properly and that no component of the system is compromised due to wear and use. Critical parameters of the system are inspected, cleaned, lubricated and / or adjusted to manufacturer's specifications. QLA can now perform PM services for customers who may chose to implement this service.

Our trained staff will perform routine maintenance and provide documentation. Services include: Inspect, Clean and Lubricate Spindle and Lift Bearings, Inspect Clean and Lubricate Idler Bushings / Bearings, Inspect Drive Belt(s) and Adjust Tension as required, Inspect and Lubricate Lift Drive and Mechanics, Inspect Lift Motor, Inspect and Adjust Spindle Drive Head and Vessel Plate, Drain, Clean / Refill Water Bath and Inspect Heater / Circulator.