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The QLA Intrinsic Apparatus is based on the conventional “Wood Apparatus  Design”.  This industry standard configuration has a long successful history.  A competitive configuration known as the “Rotating Disk System” requires a special flat bottom dissolution vessel.  The QLA design uses standard dissolution vessels and provides better centering and easier dosage placement.

Filter By OEM: 
IDADIE-018mm Intrinsic Die includes gasket, 316 SS ElectropolishedAgilent12-4120
IDAPCH-018mm Punch and HandleAgilent12-4140
IDAPLT-01Surface Plate w/ ScrewsAgilent12-4130
IDASET-01Intrinsic Dissolution Apparatus Set: (1) IDASNH-01, (1) IDAPCH-01, (1) IDADIE-01, & (1) IDAPLT-01  
IDASNH-01Shaft and Holder only, 316 SS ElectropolishedAgilent12-4150